Skipper’s Ticket Testing

Do your Recreational Skipper’s Ticket Test (Theory) at the Show!

The Boating Industry Association is making it easier for everyone to get into boating, with the option for visitors to do their Recreational Skipper’s Ticket theory training and assessment at the Show. Thanks to Yachting WA and Australian Sailing, visitors can register to do their theory assessment at the Show; and then follow this up with their practical training and assessment after the Show, at a location near you. Conditions apply, click here to register.



What is the Recreational Skipper’s Ticket?

The Recreational Skipper’s Ticket (RST) is a nationally-recognized certificate of competency which shows that the holder has the minimum knowledge and practical skills needed to operate a powerboat safely.

It is the minimum qualification needed to operate a powerboat in Western Australia.


The RST is not a license, so there is no need to renew the Ticket or pay ongoing fees.

Who has to have one?

A person must have a Recreational Skipper’s Ticket (RST) if:

• He or she is the person in charge of an RST vessel.
• The vessel is being operated in the water.

An RST vessel is any boat that is:

• Registered with the Department of Transport, or required to be registered.
• Used for recreational purposes.
• Powered by has an engine with more than 6 hp (4.5 kW).

Only the person-in-charge of the boat (the ‘skipper’) needs to have an RST, but he or she must have it with them the entire time the boat is in operation. The skipper is responsible for what happens on the boat during the voyage, but this doesn’t mean that he or she must be at the wheel the whole time.

How to get your Skipper’s Ticket

There are two steps to pass your Skipper’s Ticket assessment and training:

1. Theory Assessment
2. Practical Assessment

Theory and practical Assessments can be done on the same day of your booking.

Some study prior to the day of your training and assessment is essential. Study the RST Manual and have a go at the practice quizzes. Follow the Link to Department of Transport website for PDF of Manual and the practice quizzes.