Modern vehicles are not necessarily stronger than old vehicles in regard to towing. Owners need to understand their vehicle towing capabilities to prevent costly damage and accidents. Owners also need to know how to equip your vehicle and how to fit and load what they intend to tow.

Did you know that there are oversize boat requirements to travel on public roads?

A boat trailer carrying a boat in excess of 2.5 metres in width, requires a permit to travel on the public road network.

Permits are issued to the boat trailer not the towing vehicle; the trailer registration should be listed on the permit application form.

Boats exceeding 2.7 metres in width are prohibited from travelling at night time, during public holidays and peak traffic periods.

Boats exceeding 2.5 metres in width are prohibited from travelling on all freeways.

The maximum speed for a vehicle towing a trailer is 100km/h.

For more information go to www.mainroads.wa.gov.au or contact the Heavy Vehicle Helpdesk on 138 486.

Department of Transport Marine Safety Hotline: 13 11 56

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