If you have a passion for snorkelling but you’re keen to go deeper than just the surface of the water, a PowerDive unit is exactly what you need!

The PowerDive offers underwater freedom that snorkelling can’t, allowing you to explore the ocean to a depth of 12metres while being connected via a breathing hose; yet not needing to carry scuba gear.

The PowerDive unit sits on the surface and provides air to the diver underneath. It’s a product that many West Australians have already discovered and are enjoying every summer.

PowerDive has been sold in WA for more than 20 years; their models range from boat mounted to free floating units and this year they have proudly released the latest model in the range – the Venture Snorkel.

The Venture Snorkel allows two people the ability to dive to a depth of 12 metres and is now the deepest diving floating unit in their range.

The PowerDive Unit is compact and easy to transport, and will make summer that little more exciting for you and your family and friends.

If you want to find out more about PowerDive, visit their website powerdive.com and watch their action videos.

And make sure you have a chat with the team from PowerDive at this year’s Perth International Boat Show.

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