One of the world’s first solar catamarans will be revealed at the Club Marine Perth International Boat Show in what will be its Australian release.

The Solliner catamaran, produced by the European shipyard Green Dream Boats, based in Gdansk, Poland, is being imported to Perth with Solar Boats. It will be officially revealed to the public on the opening of the Boat Show, and then displayed on water during the Show for visitors to view.

Dr Pawel Hudzik from Solar Boats cites the information from Baltic shipyard that the solar technology has taken off in Europe, and he expects the same levels of interest in Australia.

“The Club Marine Perth International Boat Show is the ideal place to launch and promote these new solutions in the field of solar energy in boats in Australia,” Dr Hudzik said.

“The Solliner has certainly stood out as one of the most interesting products at many European Boat Shows recently. We’ve demonstrated the boat to business owners, individual customers and even scientists, and all were impressed with the Solliner’s technological solution.”

Dr Hudzik has also said that he and his colleagues were in the process of establishing a Solar Solutions Centre in Western Australia, currently dubbed “Solar Valley”.

“We have received many requests from investors in the Asian-Pacific and Indian Ocean region concerning this product, and many have expressed an interest in trying the boat, so we are also looking at Perth becoming a centre for clean solar energy solutions on the water,” Dr Hudzik said.

“In our opinion, Perth could be an initiator of solar driven water travel. In addition, we feel that this product has great educational potential in showcasing what is special and different about ‘100% solar energy’ as exhibited by this catamaran.”

“This technology could also well serve other states and territories in Australia and New Zealand as well as other the Pacific and Indian Ocean region,” he said.

Solar powered catamaran – Facts

The ecological solar catamaran Solliner was launched in 2014. The solar catamaran features a perfect mix of modern design, highest quality of materials and most recent eco-technology solutions. The Solliner catamaran certainly is unique. This 6m long and 2m wide boat can carry up to ten people, and is able to cruise using solar energy as the only source of power. This means it is highly environmental friendly with no noise, no water pollution and no exhaust fumes.

Functionality and Simplicity

The Solliner is easy to operate, reliable, eco-friendly and cost-effective. The capacity of up to 10 adults along with multi-functional cockpit featuring u-shape couch and folding tables, plus separate deck area, provide you with different possibilities of spending your leisure time. Each seat in the catamaran allows you to enjoy spectacular panorama views all around you. Automatically folding hard-top with solar panels is a perfect cover for you from the sun and rain, and simultaneously protects the cockpit during transport or docking.

Comfort and Economy

One of the most important advantages of the solar catamaran is extremely low running cost. Due to efficient photovoltaic flexi panels placed on the roof you can cruise with practically no limits, fuelled only by sunlight. The batteries dedicated for marine usage allow the vessel to sail from sunset to sunrise. The catamaran can be charged on the ground just by plugging it into regular 240 volt socket to reload the battery without waiting for the upcoming sunrise.

Impressive performance and safety

The dynamic shape of the Solliner is not only about aesthetics but also results in perfect performance and increased safety. Precisely projected hydrodynamic hull results in low water resistance. The most modern solutions and materials implemented in our solar catamaran Solliner result in low weight and allow to classify Solliner as the lightest construction of such type on the market. Light weight requires very low energy consumption unlike any of comparable solar boats. Battery charging system allows to cruise comfortably and quietly with the speed of up to 12 km/h. Additional effect of the modern solutions used in our solar catamaran is extraordinary durability and stability
of the hull Solliner is one of the lightest, strongest, most durable and safe vessels of such type in the world.

A variety of uses

The Solliner can be used not only for leisure and family, but also for business purposes including as charter vessels. The construction and rich equipment of Solliner allow it to be used in any kind of amusement or social meetings.

The big reveal – Friday 22nd September at 12pm

The Solliner will be revealed to the public as part of the official launch of the 2017 Club Marine Perth International Boat Show in Elizabeth Quay. The Perth International Boat Show will invite everyone to view the reveal at 12pm on Friday 22nd September.

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