When it comes to boating, especially when it involves children, safety is the most important factor to consider.

Which is why the Club Marine Perth International Boat Show is pleased to host and promote the Honda Rib Youth Challenge.

The Honda Rib Youth Challenge promotes the training and skills required to be a proficient powerboat driver to our young people. The Challenge is based on the highly successful “RIB Championship” that is run throughout the UK and Europe, with its requirements for safety, training and competition.

The competition takes the form of a time trial around a set of marks, with the fastest time overall being the winner.

The slalom buoys are set 12.5m apart so that skill and control, and not necessarily speed, are the most important factors. Each competitor has two runs, one as a practice and one as a ‘hot lap’. Both runs are timed and the fastest time put forward.

The main aim of the Rib Youth Challenge is for children of all ages to learn more about driving boats – with an emphasis on fun and safety.

The 2017 Perth International Boat Show’s Honda Rib Youth Challenge is proudly supported by Honda, Boating West and Rib Rescue. To be part of the Challenge, make sure you register at the Show.

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